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December 2021| Vol 6| Issue 2

Original Article

Assessment of sexual behaviour and utilization of sexual and reproductive health services among secondary school students in ekiadolor, Edo State

BACKGROUND: Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) is an important aspect of health and a fundamental human right which includes sexuality education, family planning, safe motherhood, post-abor...

Original Article

Breast cancer screening program: Findings from a population-based study in South Nigeria

BACKGROUND : Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in both developed and developing countries, affecting about 2 million women and causing 6.6% of all cancer deaths each year....

Original Article

Clinical and pathological presentations of breast cancer among young women in North-Central Nigeria

INTRODUCTION: Breast cancer in the young is rare. Breast cancer in young women seems to be on the rise in Nigeria. They present within the peak of reproductive years and career. They have more ...

Original Article

Knowledge, attitude and practice towards prevention and control of lassa fever among health workers and residents in Asaba, Delta State of Nigeria

BACKGROUND: Nigeria has experienced repeated outbreaks of Lassa fever over the years, with cases reported in Asaba, Delta State as well. A number of measures to prevent and control the spread o...

Original Article

Physicians' trust in health systems during the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria

BACKGROUND: Trust in health systems is important in the practice of medicine and medical research. Healthcare workers including physicians need to have trust in healthcare systems during this C...

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